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The economic divide is even worse than you think

Imagine you are walking through the suburbs in 1970.

The neighborhood includes the families of bankers, lawyers, and factory workers. The houses are sturdy, spaced apart, and affordable with only one income.

At the local public school, the CEO’s son and the union member’s son play football together. Their families…

Our collective delusion about success has harmful consequences

Lately, I have been reflecting on my place in America’s socioeconomic landscape. Specifically, I am pondering why it is that a college-educated tutor like me can earn more money than the average American worker while laboring fewer hours.

The undercurrent of human nature desires to believe that one’s success comes…

After the Allies triumphed over Nazi and Japanese forces in 1945, the United States proclaimed itself a “superpower”.

It was a peculiar term to describe America. Superpower status implies that a nation, by virtue of its relative standing in the world, somehow transcends the realm of the human species.


Start by realizing you are not alone.

Almost inevitably, there are moments in life that leave you feeling confused about your purpose on this planet.

Maybe you’re miserable in a job, and it seems you’ll never find fulfilling work. Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours working towards a goal, but it still feels out of reach. …

I Read It So You Don’t Have To

A recent book explains how humans think about wealth, economics, and success

What did I read?

The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness published in September 2020.

So who is Morgan Housel?

Morgan Housel is a former financial columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He is now a partner at Collaborative Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Give me the 30-second sell.

Unlike in the fields of medicine or engineering, expertise in…

We are re-defining labor in the 21st century

It has become a platitude to say that “nobody wants to work anymore”.

In American life, we’ve been led to believe that hard work is a pre-eminent virtue. After all, our Protestant culture of individualism and grit helped a nation of disgruntled rebels become a global superpower.

But as America…

The GOP has morphed into an unscrupulous monster

The first Black congressman, senator, and governor in U.S. history were all Republicans.

The Republican Party passed the constitutional amendments ending slavery and codifying equal protection under the law. Proudly carrying the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Republicans sought to reconstruct the South into a land of racial equality.

For several…

The solution to America’s healthcare crisis is obvious

Last week, a New York Times report showed that the top healthcare companies in America charge wildly different prices for the same basic services. In many cases, it is cheaper to have no insurance at all.

It should not come as a surprise then that Americans spend more on healthcare…

The free market has a complicated legacy

No ideology influences our daily lives more than capitalism.

We rely on a system of private enterprises to produce the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the technology we use to communicate. We place our savings in the hands of a small group of banks.

Today, heated debates…

Let’s talk about why

If you are not steeped in right-wing media, you probably view the Republican Party as a threat to democracy.

Several state laws are making it harder for people to vote. Some local legislators have attempted to hand over election certification to partisan bodies. …


Georgetown grad, avid educator, political junkie

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